Settling Your Personal Injury Suit

by | Jul 6, 2015

Lawsuits can be drawn-out, exhausting, and expensive; here’s why you may consider settling your personal injury suit

At one point or another, almost every personal injury case hits a roadblock, when the claimant has to make an important decision; to settle for less than the asking price, or to head to court in hopes of a larger payout. While settling your personal injury suit may seem a little unfair in theory, it can actually be a shrewd move that ultimately nets you a better payout after all is said and done. Experienced attorneys routinely encourage clients to settle out of court, and now you can tell why.

Faster Results

As the old adage goes, the wheels of justice turn slowly. Even simple cases can take months to reach a resolution. If your claim is complicated, you might need to stay put for a year before you even start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The courts do have their place, but if you’re feeling stressed out and need money to cover medical bills right now, a settlement – as long as it’s reasonable – is a great alternative. Time is money, and the quicker you can get your money, the sooner it can start adding value to your life.

Fewer Expenses

The more time you spend in the courtroom, the more money you’ll put toward unavoidable trial expenses. If your case drags on, and it’s hard to say ahead of time whether it will or won’t, the amount of litigation expenses will likely surprise you, even if your attorney advances those expenses you are ultimately responsible for them. Plus, it’s possible to lose your case altogether; a big blow if you’re on a tight budget. Risking such expenses at the possibility of a larger payout is not always the best decision.

Guaranteed Payout

When you know exactly how much you’ll get paid, you’ll not only gain peace of mind, but you’ll also be able to plan how you want to spend your settlement. If you’re one of the many personal injury victims who are living on a fixed income, just knowing that you can finally catch up with lost wages and delayed medical bills can go a long way toward helping you recover both financially and emotionally.

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