Car Accidents and Summer Injuries

by | Apr 13, 2017

With warm weather tends to come more car accidents and other injuries.

A likely explanation for the increased car accidents and other common injuries trend involves multiple realities.

First, more drivers are on the road. Whether taking vacations or traveling more for fun activities, such as a motorcycle ride, grabbing some ice cream, or attending sporting events, there are more drivers on the road. With more drivers come more car accidents.

Second, summer driving in and of itself can be more dangerous. This can be due to glare from the sun, increased construction sites, and added wear and tear on vehicles. More teens may be on the road as well, which tends to increase accidents.

Third, bicyclists and walkers are also more abundant in warmer weather. Often, they are traveling on the wrong side of the road. Bicyclists should travel with traffic. Pedestrians should walk against traffic when sidewalks and shoulders are unavailable or impracticable to use.

Fourth, more people are out and about enjoying the weather and visiting places that can be dangerous, such as pools and amusement parks. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your children.

Fifth, more people are out walking and playing with their dogs. Or, they may allow their dogs to be outside for more extended periods of time, whether supervised or not. Most city and county ordinances in Indiana do require dogs to be restrained at all times. Unfortunately, many people do not abide by this law.

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